Study structure

EMiLA is a two year master’s programme hosted by five partners. You will study for the first and fourth semester at your home institution and spend the second and third at two other schools/universities within the network. This means that you will experience three perspectives on landscape architecture as a profession, topic and design medium.

Both at your home and host institutions you will join the courses of the regular master’s programme. In addition, you will benefit from two specific EMiLA modules:

  • During the first exchange semester, you are obliged to participate in the EMiLA eLearning module (5 ECTS) as part of your curriculum. This course relates to EU policies on large-scale territorial changes. It consists of lectures and exercises that enable you to gain knowledge and insights, but also to be creative when dealing with theses policies.
  • The EMiLA Summer School (5 ECTS) takes place in between the two exchange semesters (Aug./Sept.). This workshop is obligatory for all EMiLA students. The EMiLA students from the five EMiLA partner institutions take part as well as invited students from international universities such as the Peking University (China), Virginia (USA), Kobe (Japan) and RMIT Melbourne (Australia).

To become an EMiLA student, you apply to one of the five EMiLA institutions. This is your home institution, where you will stay enrolled until the end of your studies and receive your degree.


If your home institution is…

  • AMSTERDAM, you will leave after your second year of studies (M2) and go back for the fourth and final year (M4).
  • BARCELONA or HANNOVER, you will leave your home institution after the first semester of the Master’s programme (M1) and go back for the fourth and final semester (M2).
  • EDINBURGH, you will leave after the first semester of the fourth year and come back for the second semester of the fifth year (Master, 5th year).
  • VERSAILLES/MARSEILLE, you will do year 3 of the “licence” (L3) and the first semester of the Master’s programme in France and be back for the fourth semester of the Master’s programme (M2).

For more information, please read the course handbook.


Curriculum example

Below a possible curriculum for Autumn/Winter-term exchange semester.