Energy-landscape Haute Normandie (F)

Responsible: ENSP Versailles
Funding: Erasmus Intensive Programme (LLP)
Team: Karin Helms, Stefan Tischer, Thierry Kandjee, Landworks, Lisa Mackenzie, Tiago Torres-Campos, Maria Goula, Marina Cervera, Sergi Romero, Marieke Timmermans, Oene Dijk, Martin Prominski, Verena Butt




What can energy production mean for the existing agriculture? How can an “energy landscape” give a new reading to a landscape that was painted by impressionists but has been forgotten today? How can this ENERGYscape define new uses for a historical agrarian landscape and at the same time become part of the fragile regional identity? Which type of energy should be developed?




As in the previous editions of the EMiLA Summer Schools, the students worked on large-scale projects, preserving special features through development and taking the dynamics of European policies on landscape as the project’s starting point. The students developed diverse concepts, depending on the landscape identity, and discussed the results with experts.