Landscape Diary

The European cultural landscapes and their diversity


“A visual landscape diary explains more than just the spatial elements or the historical time line. It explains the ‘life’ of a landscape. This is an experimental exercise to help you select what you think are the most important cultural components and events that created the landscape and build its identity. The word diary can be interpreted freely. You can work with drawings, collages, photo’s, movies or whatever you think is necessary. You have to scan or photograph all your handwork to make it fit the internet. In the end you have to send in a pdf booklet or upload your movies to you tube and send in the link. The result has to visually explain the identity of your cultural landscape.”

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Collserola, Barcelona

Author: Héloise Bouju


Marché Notre Dame, Versailles

Author: David Obernberger

“(…) This book is the result of an E-Learning exercise of the European Masters in Landscape Architecture program, done by David Obernberger (home university: Leibniz Universität Hannover) at the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage in Versailles. The work was done on the Marché Notre Dame in Versailles, the biggest marketplace in the city and an important cultural landscape in its urban context. The reason lies in the interesting ambiguous state of marketplaces — between urban and rural, temporary and consistent. The history and context of the site were researched, and different topics were formulated using a photographic documentation of the site. Two examples of markets in other european countries were selected and compared to the Marché Notre Dame. Finally, ideas and propositions for the market were presented.”


Sources: Context and History (p. 4): (access on 5th July2015), Map of Versailles, by Jean Delagrive, 1746: (p. 5): (access on 5th July 2015), Paris, Verona and Vienna marked on a map of Europe: (p. 13) (access on 5th July 2015). All photos and drawings by David Obernberger



Paris / Le grand perspective

Author:  Zhengo Guo

“It’s a video about 17th century french formal garden (designed or redesigned by André Le Nôtre) in Paris. The idea of this exercise is not only to show the classical french garden, its art or the history but also to explain how this heritage is linked and integrated in the city and the urban expansion; How the geometry and large perspective “garden fabric” shaped the urban texture; How they made Paris’ landscape identity and their importance to Paris. This video wants to illustrate those points visually. And through these you may understand some landscape identity of Paris.”