Summer School Edinburgh 22


The 2022 Summerschool held in the Highlands of Scotland saw staff and student make contact with the landscape of the Cromarty Firth through situated practices that engaged them with dynamic coastal landscapes. Where their curiosity settled in the field, student worked with processes of the earth, sub-earth, sea and sky. They followed procedures that demanded respect for the living sea floor, saw them moving through the threshold of the coastline, making ascents, arriving at the peak, bearing witness, recording and thinking.

The student experimented with printmaking to engage with the landscape in situ and translated their post-situ observations back in the studio environment in Inverness. The methods allowed all summer-school participants to record the landscape with immediacy, welcoming its imperfection, tactility and unpredictability. Staff and students worked together intensely for a week with the landscape, letting it inform their intentions and imagine its future.

An exhibition at the end of the workshop in the Inverness Creative Academy brought together the work and original thinking of the students.







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