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EMiLA Summer Schools

In a rotation system, the five EMiLA partners take turns to organize this workshop, which is held once a year. Approx. 25 students and their teachers from the five EMiLA institutions work in international teams on topics of European landscape architecture. In addition, selected non-European universities are invited to take part in this 5- to 10-day workshop.
The themes of the EMiLA Summer School are decided on in close consultation with the regions where pressing issues need to be worked on. In all our Summer Schools we cooperate closely with regional stakeholders and non-specialists and speak with planners and residents.

Each Summer School has a specific topic, focus and way of working. All EMiLA institutions and their students benefit from the variety of design methodologies as it leads to a continous improvement in teaching quality.


The content of the E Learning module has four main areas that we will be working on together:

  1. Foundations- you will be given content providing you with literature, videos, and also events that increase and develop your knowledge of the thinking and issues of European Landscape Architecture
  2. The Landscape Diary- a place for you to record and experiment around a site of your choosing in the new setting where you find yourself
  3. Design Studio from a European Perspective- A research assignment finding key issues of European importance within the studio you are doing at your host institution
  4. The Essay- a written essay exploring your process during EMiLA and your thinking around European Landscape Architecture

Studio work

All five EMiLA partners have one thing in common: They teach future landscape architects in intensively supervised studios. As an EMiLA student will visit the studios of the regular Master’s programme both at their home and host universities, they benefit from the expertise of the different EMiLA partner institutions. As many of the studios are carried out in group work, EMiLA students work together with students from different countries and learn about their perspectives on the discipline.

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