Summer School Barcelona 21


2021 EMiLA Summer School was held digitally. It focused on the most urgent. What was urgent one year after the pandemic? In March 2020, the whole world stopped at the same time and knew about social distancing, hygiene and self-protection. We suddenly care about panic, soreness, illness and death, and felt the hit of that and those we missed. However, while we sheltered at home, we noticed the sudden flourishing of nature and new media too, the importance of food, a walk, fresh air, our family and friends. The pandemic made us -still does- reconsider our values and preferences. What about landscape?

We sent our question “Which is YOUR URGENT LANDSCAPE?” to schools, academics, students, professionals and biennial attendees to produce a first archive mapping the response. The information provided a set of design topics for the workshop. Reference lecturers fed the dialogue and discussion from different geographical locations, diverse fields of knowledge, and personal experience. EMiLA students led the design-studio groups to give an answer and an action, a reaction, to claim, to reclaim, it.

In 2021, EMiLA lined up the Summer School to the 11th International Landscape Architecture Biennial of Barcelona: Climate Change Again, willing to encompass a broader topic for a wider public taking advantage of the online format. It made us experience new ways of proposing and showing our work.







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